Monday, January 9, 2012

BIG news!!!!!

If you haven't heard from me in the past couple of days, you might need to sit down for this one.... or maybe just rest your jaw on your hand so it doesn't drop too much. Two major pieces to this story, so sit tight as I share some pretty crazy/exciting news!!

On Friday, it was with mixed emotions that I resigned from my position at Progressive. I have spent the last 7.5 years with the company, 3 years in claims, 3 years in corporate training, and the last year and a half as an instructional designer. During my time as a trainer, I obtained my Masters in Adult Education/Training, learned a lot about project management, and found a real interest in instructional design. My time as a designer really made me realize that while I do love the entire process of instructional design, I am drawn to the analysis, planning and organizing side of training. It's just the way my brain works. I really couldn't be more thankful for my time at Progressive and for all of the opportunities I've been provided and the incredible people I've met along the way. I've met some amazing friends and colleagues that I know I'll stay in touch with for a very long time.

With that being said, I wouldn't have given my notice without some sort of plan in place. A few weeks ago, I saw a posting on someone's facebook page that Stella & Dot was hiring for corporate positions. Being the curious person I am, I looked on the website just to see what positions were open. When I saw the "Manager - Field Training" position, I thought, "this was written for me." I decided to go for it - I had nothing to lose. The more I kept thinking about it, the more I really wanted it. The position involves doing some analysis with the existing training and determining the most effective ways to develop and deliver the material to the 10,000+ stylists out there, with developing some measurement strategies around what's working and what can be improved. Totally up my alley!!!!!! Besides the position, I just LOVE everything about Stella & Dot - the jewerly is a given, but the business model, the CEO and her innovative ways for changing the direct sales business to make sense for women today, and the fact that this company is still super small, but is growing extremely fast are all so appealing. 

I interviewed over the phone and in person and knew instantly when I met everyone in the home office that it couldn't be a more perfect fit. I was offered the position early last week, and by the end of the week, accepted. I couldn't be more excited about joining Stella & Dot as an employee and not just as a stylist repping their jewelry... now I get to do both!! And while I know I'll be working my tail off in a very fast-paced, always changing environment, I couldn't be more thrilled for this opportunity. So I'm going from wearing my PJ's to work every day (at home) to actually getting ready and going to an office again!

This brings me to the second part of the news....

Remember this post just a week ago?? It was all about how we're finally settled into our new home, loving the neighborhood, our house, and being close to our family. Well, that's still true....

.....but only for a few more weeks.

We're moving to San Francisco!! 

Stefan and I knew this position was based in San Fransciso when I applied and while we are very happy being back home and did have a terrible moving experience to get up here, we also realize that life is all about opportunities. There's never a good time for anything. When opportunities like this come up, you just have to go for it - and that's what I did.

Now.... who's ready to plan a trip to SF to visit?!?!


MLH said...

I'm glad you clarified that you wore your PJs to work only when working from home. lol. We're going to miss you, but wish you the best of luck. I KNOW you'll be's the only way you know how to be!

JanineZ said...

Good luck to you! This does sound ideal for you. I think you're going to do a phenomenal job. It sounds like a wonderful company (the jewelry looks fabulous!) and your insight and creativity will make it even better there.

Seatrain said...

While you will be missed at Progressive I'm happy you'll be doing something that excites you and makes you happy. When opportunity knocks I guess you must answer even though it means moving from what I call "Gods Country" to SF. Very excited for you and wish you all the best. Be sure to take in the Napa Valley just a short drive away, I'm sure you and Stefan will love it.

ama de casa said...

Congrats! Sad you're leaving especially since I haven't even seen you since you've been home. :( can I bring 3 kids to San fran to visit? :)

Sun Devil Bec said...

I'm very happy for you Julie! You are absolute proof that if you work hard and set goals, you can achieve anything you set your mind to do. Congratulations!